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Southern Samplings Group Packages
(Group Size = 15)

An African American Focus in North Carolina Past and Present
An African American Focus on Slavery and the Civil War
Cruisin' Coastal Carolina
The Foothills Experience
From the Piedmont to the Mountains
Gardens of North Carolina
High Point Discovery
Holiday Winter Wonderland
Mayberry Days
The Muse of the Mountains
North Carolina Arts and Gardens Tour
The Outer Banks
Swing Through the South
Stroll Into The Past
White Water - White Wine!!

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Civil War Related Southern Samplings Packages

Touring the Great Battlefields of the American Civil War
In the Footsteps of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson
North Carolina in the Civil War
North Carolina and Virginia Civil War Sites

Student Tour Related Southern Samplings Packages
(Group Size = 40)

Mountain Fun In North Carolina
Myrtle Beach
Raft and Rail Excusion




North Carolina in the Civil War

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Fort Fisher - Fort Anderson - Fort Macon - Bentonville Battlefield - Averasboro Battlefield - Bennett Place - Wilmington Waterfront - New Bern

Package includes:
3 Night's Lodging
Tours of: Forts Fisher and Fort Anderson, Fort Macon, Bentonville and Averasboro Battlefields
North Carolina Museum of History Civil War Exhibit
Cape Fear Museum
Bennett Place
Wilmington Waterfront
New Bern
Personally escorted by Clint Johnson, author of four Civil War travel books

Clint Johnson has written five Civil War travel tour books and two other books about the war. He has rediscovered many forgotten Civil War sites in the two Carolinas, Virginia and West Virginia. A lifelong Civil War buff, he has been a Civil War reenactor for the past seventeen years. He lives in Winston-Salem, NC.

For more information about Clint on this site, visit our "About Us" page.

* Excellent lunch and dinner recommendations
* Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to availability
* 1 complimentary package per 15 paying participants
*2 complimentary packages per 30 paying participants

Additional days and attractions can be arranged.

Day One

Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher was once the most important fort in the Confederacy as it protected Wilmington's blockade-runners entering and leaving the Cape Fear River. Built of sand, Fort Fisher repulsed a December 1864 attack before falling in January 1865. Now a state park, Fort Fisher is home to the ghost of a defending general and stories of how important the capture of this fort was to the Union.

Cape Fear Museum

This modern museum features many Civil War exhibits, including a fascinating diorama of the final Battle of Fort Fisher.

Wilmington's Waterfront

Quiet now, Wilmington's waterfront was once bustling with sleek, fast, blockade-runners smuggling in everything from
gunpowder to ladies' lace. Your guide will describe the ships and the adventure of blockade running.

Fort Anderson
Now a state park and one of the best-preserved dirt forts in the nation, Fort Anderson surrendered after Fort Fisher fell. However, it fell so quickly that the Union army occupied it before the Union navy knew no Confederates were left. The Union army had to run up a white flag so the Union navy would stop shelling the fort.

Day Two

Averasboro Battlefield
In March 1865, 8,000 Confederate soldiers faced off against 30,000 Union soldiers in these flat fields in order to set up an ambush at Bentonville. A small museum is on site.

Bentonville Battlefield
Now a state park with an original house once used as a hospital, this battlefield was North Carolina's largest baffle. Its loss sealed the fate of the state and opened the way for Union General William T. Sherman to start planning North Carolina's surrender.

North Carolina's Museum of History's Civil War Exhibit
This museum has one of the finest exhibits of Civil War artifacts and photographs ever-assembled in one place. The entire
exhibit focuses on North Carolina soldiers at home and on distant battlefields.

Bennett Place

It was at this state park built around the Bennett Fann where Confederate General Joseph Johnson surrendered to Union General William T. Sherman, effectively ending the Civil War in the eastern theater.

Day Three

Fort Macon in Morehead City
This state park fort fell in just one day of fighting, but not before it's sickly commander had his chance to prove his and his men's bravery to the Union soldiers.

New Bern
New Bern Academy - Set up as a Civil War hospital, this museum shows how ghastly Civil War medicine was. Enjoy a walking tour of some of the houses occupied by Union officers during the War.

For more information call Jean Wells at:
336 725-1624 (Fax: 336 724-5852)
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