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To Contact Jean Wells or Marc Pruitt via email:
Jean Wells: jean@jeanwellstravel.com
Marc Pruitt: marcpruitt@jeanwellstravel.com

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(336)725-1624 (Monday - Friday, 10AM - 4PM)

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Newsletter Date:
Sun, 06/11/17
Jean Wells Presents 12 great friends in CanCun

Hello All--  Get your friends together and call me;  there are so many fabulous choices to go, and have a really fun time!
Hope all is well!!

Click on the "Journeys" tab to read about a recent trip a JWT traveler made to Cancun!

Warmest regards,


Newsletter Date:
Sun, 04/09/17
Jean Wells Presents Seth Martin in Iceland

JWT introduces Seth Martin in Reykjavik, Iceland.  When he came to my office and we started talking about Iceland, he said he wanted to go to this country by himself as he knew exactly what he wanted to do, and indeed he did.  With a flight from RDU, and car rental upon arrival, he began to explore this beautiful country and did all the things he wanted to do.

Click on the "Journeys" tab and read his commentary; enjoy his pictures, and you will feel as if you were in Iceland enjoying it all. Thanks, Seth, for sending this to me.

Warmest regards,